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3 days per week



Meisner Technique is a basic foundation from which actors  learn how to bring themselves to what they do and respond honestly. The result is a free and vulnerable instrument within the actor that can be brought to fully realized life easily and consistently. Laura's vast experience teaching Meisner Technique means her approach to the popular (though often misunderstood) method is time-tested and brings excellent results to the actor.

Meisner 1, Laura's beginning class, teaches the foundations of good acting: listening, responding truthfully, and specifically exercising the imagination in a free and full way. Put another way, this class is all about doing truthfully. All of these skills enable the actor to fully trust themselves.

These are the most fundamental skills of all acting. They must become second nature and in this class they begin to do that. The class culminates with a scene in which all of what is learned is brought to text.  An Interview is required.



Meisner 2

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3 days per week


Continuing to skill build all of the exercises learned in Meisner 1, we move on right away by adding emotional preparation. Learning the skill of getting a full emotional preparation as a response to the circumstance of a scene is the primary goal of this portion of the work. It is developed with great precision in this class so that actors have the tools to easily and quickly access emotional responses to a circumstance on stage, on a set, or in an audition. This class also culminates with a scene in which all of what is learned, including emotional preparation, is brought to text .

Meisner 2 is designed for actors who have taken Meisner 1 with Laura or studied beginning Meisner work.  An Interview is required. Actors may have to schedule an audition to attend Meisner 2.


Meisner 3

To Be Announced


Laura teaches her most advanced Meisner class to students who have taken her earlier Meisner classes, or who have extensive outside Meisner training. Meisner 3 is held less frequently than Meisner 1 and 2. If you believe you are a strong candidate for this class, please send an inquiry, and Laura will be in touch.

Advanced Acting

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2 days per week


Do the doing! Laura's Advanced Acting class provides actors with a versatile toolset, preparing them for anything the industry throws their way. Grounded in Meisner, Laura's technique is informed by a lifetime of acting, teaching, and directing, resulting in a gathering of methods from a wide spectrum. Actors work with text — and each other— every day.

If you have not worked with Laura before, admission to Advanced Acting may require an audition.


Audition Technique

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1 night per week


Auditioning is a different skill from regular acting. So why treat it the same? Many actors spend years banging their heads against the proverbial wall attempting to apply the same techniques to auditioning that serve them well onstage or onscreen, only to find those tools may not consistently work. Given this level of uncertainty, who could have fun auditioning?  

Laura's work with the Audition Technique class starts with reworking the way the student views the audition experience. It trains actors to treat auditioning like a separate technique that utilizes very particular acting tools. Clarity of doing, simplicity, listening, and mindset are all involved in getting the actor to fully master the art of auditioning . This class will change the way you audition forever, and it continues to produce excellent results for everyone who has taken it.