Laura Henry was my anchor while working in the rudderless land of Hollywood. Laura was always available, to help me refocus my heart and mind back to the work. She lives and speaks Shakespeare’s advice to the actors; “suit the action to the word, the word to the action”. She would remind me, simply to be there and listen. Any individual group or institution would be very blessed to have her in their company. I will always be grateful to Gerald Freedman for many things, and right at the top of the list, was making Laura Henry part of my professional life.

-Mandy Patinkin, Actor

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Laura Henry is simply the best acting teacher in the US and maybe the world. 
She connects, challenges and nurtures whether in a long format or individual coaching.
There is no better way to prepare for a life as an actor!

-Tara Rubin, Casting Director

If you are serious about being a working actor and you are looking looking for good strong training, this is the school to go to. Laura Henry just might be the best and the only true teacher of the Meisner Technique in Los Angeles.

-David Giella, Casting Director/Producer

Where to begin to praise the thrill of attending an audition class that over delivers? The most valuable tools a teacher can give an artist of any genre are the kind she can rely on when time or being emotional threaten the creative process. Laura has given me audition technique so pragmatic I feel certain that there won’t be a curveball thrown my way at a reading that I won’t be able to hit.
— Arlene Karno, Actress
Ms. Henry is one of a very small coterie of individuals in the United Staes who is qualified to teach the Meisner work well, and understands the sequences and lessons perfectly. Laura has a technical mastery of the art of acting. Both her training and instinctual intelligence are impeccable. She possesses a thorough knowledge of theatrical literature both past and present.
— Kathryn Gately , Former Head of Acting MFA, Northern Illinois University
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Laura Henry has a real understanding of the process. She knows how to develop an actor’s skill as well as teach the actor how to best use his or her talent in order to get the job.

-Nikki Valko, Valko/Miller Casting

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Before Laura, I wasn’t really sure what to do with “the work.” I was doing it, but I wasn’t , I didn’t know how it helped me. It felt like I was reaching in the dark for something that wasn’t there, but Laura made the craft concrete. Something I could grasp. She taught me how to apply “the work” to myself in a succinct and specific way. She is clear and she is precise in what she teaches. Nothing is vague and, most importantly, nothing is overlooked.
— Tyler Lea, Actor
In theatre we are all searching for a sense of the truth. This is no easy task for the truth is elusive. We may not always be able to describe it but we know it when we see, hear, and feel it. This sense of truth is what Laura instills in her students. Through specificity of language, practical exercise, and application Laura Henry creates not only working actors but something much finer- she creates the self-sufficient actor. This is a moral obligation for her. Laura empowers her students with the tools to sharpen their own eyes, ears, and hearts
— Quinten Gordon, Teacher/Director, UNCSA
I have not encountered any other teacher who understands acting and drama as completely as Laura. She is vigorous, challenging and inspiring. Her powers of concentration are phenomenal. She has the patience to pay attention to the smallest moment, work on it carefully and lead you to a revelation of deeper meanings.
— Jim Stewart, Editor
Laura is a person of integrity, with an unwavering commitment and passion for her craft. Laura has a vision for what she wants to accomplish with her class as a whole, and for each student in particular.
— Patricia Belcher, Actress
I have the utmost respect and admiration for Laura’s work. Laura has fused her understanding of great performance with a vivid sense of production and material to produce theatre that is well respected and reviewed. Laura is a committed teacher. She has been recognized in the LA community as the best person to teach first and second year students in the Meisner Technique. I have had the opportunity to hire actors trained by Laura who have proved to be professional and versed in their work.
— Paul Holahan, Television Director/Producer
I have auditioned numerous actors that Laura Henry has coached and they end up with amazing auditions. Laura has the ability to transform anyone. She’s honest, perceptive, hilarious, intuitive, insightful, can be harsh but NOT mean. She also is an amazing listener but will be on your case if you don’t give it your all!!!
Her showcases are always packed with wonderful scenes, with actors that explode on the stage....agents take notice of her students.
All in all she is one caring lady trying to help and give guidance and constructive criticism to everyone she works with.

Oh yeah, she’s also loving.
— Karen Rea, Casting Director
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Working with Laura changed my perspective on what was possible as an actor. I came back to work with her after starting my first bway show and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I realized that while I had innate talent and training, doing 8 shows a week for over a year required untested stamina and tools I hadn’t utilized before. She, as always, broke it down in very tangible ways that made my run exciting and new.
— Joshua Morgan, Actor/Producer
Working in Laura Henry’s class was such a blast. Her relaxed environment gives you the license to really let go and be bold! I experienced a real sense of breaking out of my shell while I worked with her! It was amazing! Since then I’ve booked many guest stars and co-star parts on TV. If you’re looking to go to the next step in your acting, Laura Henry really is the best place to study!
— Ciera Payton, Actor www.CieraPayton.com
Laura Henry is the John Wooden of acting. She is the best teacher - of anything - that I have ever had. Laura provides an artist’s tool belt of skills, techniques and exercises. She teaches how to listen and react with the naked vibrance of a four year-old. Most importantly, what Laura does with consummate mastery is find the truth. Matching respect for her students with reverence for the assiduity that the art demands, she guides each actor to recognize and become free from the habits which mask truthful response and open up to the momentary surprise of unfettered impulse. It’s breathtaking and beautiful. The artistic effect is a profound love of acting. The professional effect is the ability to arrive to the set or the theatre or the audition as a pro. Of course, I’m not through studying with Laura. If Tiger Woods needs a coach, then I think I need one too.
— Brian Silverman, Actor/Producer
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Without a doubt, it was Laura Henry’s Audition Technique that helped me land my first Broadway job right after graduating from The University of North Carolina School of the Arts. As a young actor just beginning auditioning, this technique has been extremely helpful for channeling my nerves about the unknowns of auditioning. It has put me in control over what I do in an audition room. I highly recommend taking any of Laura’s classes. Her teachings have had an immensely positive impact on my acting.
— Alex Hoeffler, Actor
As a working actress with over 20 years experience dealing with the daily challenges of the entertainment industry, I have studied with a number of acting coaches.

As a veteran actor, you like to check in from time to time with a coach to hone your skills, get practical feedback or sometimes you just need a sounding board. It’s necessary to have a go-to person when you need a quick, concise and right on target solution to any acting challenge you might be facing.

Laura Henry is my go-to person. Her coaching has helped me book many jobs...Southland, Harry’s Law and Shameless to name a few. She gets the job done with no ego. A rare quality in this ego-driven industry.

She’s a skilled coach and a great director.
— Del Hunter-White, Actor
Actors are brave, sensitive, intelligent and vulnerable creatures, blessed with the insatiable desire to experience and and communicate not only what we have within us but also that of people from different walks of life, time periods, cultures, etc. We aspire to examine and share humanity through infinite points of view. Laura Henry’s approach to acting makes that Herculean effort possible.

“I am not training you for life I am training you to act!” Laura Henry has said, screamed, and cooed to me and my many school mates at NCSA and beyond , and thank God she did. It is through Laura’s training that I have had the tools, audacity, and philosophy to ground my art and my life in the classroom, on stage, and on set, Laura’s words, mantras, and since of truth, prevail.

She is indeed one of the best acting teachers in America.
— Jonathan Majors, actor
Working with Laura Henry during my training at UNCSA was the most valuable teaching I got in college. She taught me how to dissect a script in a way I had never been shown before...a way to fully understand a character, not just mentally but emotionally and kinesthetically. She was able to see my strengths and weaknesses as an actress immediately, and worked with me individually that way. Her audition class showed us a way to handle any set of sides in any audition situation and I have booked all the work I’ve done after college because of how she taught me to break down a set of sides and how to behave before, during, and after auditions.  Her training is invaluable. I recommended her to a friend of mine in LA who hadn’t gone to UNCSA. My friend took her class and then booked her first job in LA before she even finished Laura’s course. 
— Lauren Culpepper, actress